Processing: Hillary Clinton


Let’s start with an umbrella disclaimer for this entire blog and all posts to follow: I am a feminist. Full-blown, ranting feminist. I mean, I’m not condemning penises or refusing to shave my body hair. And if you do that, more power to you. It’s just not my style.

I’m content with shouting at the injustices committed against women and fan-girling over badass women including the real (like Nellie Bly) and the fictitious (like Leslie Knope.)

It should also be said that I am a firm moderate when it comes to politics. I often shy away from expressing an opinion about anything relating to the political world — I don’t know if it’s possible for me to be less interested in politics in general. Not only this, but in journalism school they essentially tell you that you are banned from expressing any sort of opinion due to potential appearances of bias when reporting. One professor even said she doesn’t vote because of this (which I have other opinions about.)

All this being said, I have mixed feelings about Hillary Clinton winning the nomination at the Democratic National Convention this week.

Now, to be clear, I am all about a woman president. I feel the sooner this can happen, the better off our country will be. But that belief comes with a caveat: it has to be the right woman.

In general, her stances on various issues generally align with my own, including her stances on equal wages, abortion, gun control, immigration and several others. I am truly proud that she has been working in our government as a strong voice for women. And everything she has accomplished has been wonderful.

She would be a shoo-in for my vote if it weren’t for one thing: respect.

For some reason, in addition to the weirdness surrounding the emails, I get hung up on what we saw from her during the Monica Lewinsky debacle. I read an article earlier this year about the various accusations of sexual harassment that have been leveled against Bill Clinton. There were so many.

And she stayed with him through it all. For me, even if there were a question about my husband philandering, especially with an intern and with that much evidence, I would not be able to stay with him. Not only because of the hurt from what he did, but out of respect for myself, because I believe I deserve better than that. A woman whose husband has this type of background, is better off without the potential hurt, to me. And with that many allegations, I’m sure there’s some truth to something in those stories.

So, when it comes to Hillary, I question her values in a much more personal way than simply her politics. I wonder, how could she have that little respect for herself? It seems that staying with Bill was simply a political move. And if she doesn’t have that respect for herself, if she’s willing to stay with someone who continually hurt her, what does that mean when she has to make decisions — how can you respect the country when the leader of the country doesn’t even respect herself?

Our president needs to be a sound and stable person in whose values we can trust to be respectful to both citizens and the country in general. Now her politics would have us believe she does — and I want to believe in her so bad. But this keeps tripping me up. I want a woman president who respects women in general and also respects herself enough to make tough decisions. This is the basis of my worry. I guess over the years, after her husband left office, she started to come into her own a bit more. Making her own decisions, standing up for herself and voicing her opinions with confidence.

Yet, it still trips me up. I can’t get over it for some reason.

I’ll probably end up voting for her in November. Honestly, I think she’s our best chance. And she is fathoms better than that misogynist, troll-doll, idiot (rant to come.) Although, like many others, I wish Michelle Obama would run. But they seem to be close and hopefully some of Obama’s self assurance and strength will rub off and help carry Hillary to a presidency.

We’ll have to see.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton? Why will you vote or not vote for her? How do you feel about her stances on the issues? Let’s talk.


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