Processing: Donald Trump


This might upset some people.

Again, I usually never voice opinions when it comes to politics. But I’m scared. I mean, fucking terrified. 

Like most sane people, I didn’t really take it seriously when Donald Trump announced he was pursuing the presidency for this upcoming election. I thought: This guy just wants to add another experience to his long list of things he’s done in his lifetime. He’ll peter out because he has zero political experience or know-how and that will be the end of that.

But, as I was working away at a daily newspaper where CNN blared on the TV the entire time we were in the office, I slowly watched him bully and intimidate people into believing that what he was going to do, was exactly what America needed. One by one, the other candidates (who honestly weren’t all that great either) fell out of the running. It was like everyday someone new was dropping off the campaign trail, and then some of them were turning around and endorsing Trump. I couldn’t believe it.

I continued to listen to the reports, the sound bites, the debates, as Trump continued to lead his campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention. And, I really don’t understand how this happened. I don’t understand how we got here. I realize a lot of people support him because of his lack of connection with politics. They think he’ll “get in there and shake ’em up.” Well, here’s how he’ll shake it up:


In an earlier post about Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, I talked about women’s rights and respect. I cannot comprehend how any woman could support Trump. He constantly degrades women, tells them how ugly and stupid they are. If he met you on the street, he would probably say this straight to your face without hesitation. And if you dare to question him, you better just run away with your tampons and your lipstick and hide under a hole. That’s how terrible he’ll make you feel.

Donald Trump is class A misogynist. He believes all of the beautiful women were put on this earth solely for his pleasure and satisfaction. And it is his duty to shock all the “ugly and stupid women” into realizing reality so that they never show their faces in his presence again. He has no respect for the women who fight through this kind of thinking from themselves everyday. He has no respect for women who stand their ground when they are denied a job because their women with normal plumbing, or their harassed everyday at work for wearing a knee-length skirt. He has no respect for the fight women have fought for equality, and just to be heard.

He wants to take away our rights to decide what we do with our own bodies. He wants to punish women for having abortions, even if they were brutally raped. Not that he really sees rape as a serious problem.

I don’t understand how women can stand behind a man who literally hates them and wants to take away their freedoms.


Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. Do you know how many people have benefited from this? Without this program, several people I know would have been in serious trouble medically. We would have lost people. A lot of people.

With this action, Trump would be denying a large portion of the population access to things as basic as flu shots. He would be sending them back to their homes, sick and dying from curable and manageable diseases, where they will lose their jobs because they can’t work. They’ll end up homeless, still sick, where they will likely die.

I tell you, I think a human life is more important than taxes or whatever he thinks he’s losing by having Obamacare in effect. Donald Trump has no respect for the value of a human life. He would rather see people die than attempt to help them in any way possible.


It is a plain and simple fact that Donald Trump is ignorant about many things, the main thing being empathy. As I’m sure we’ve all seen, Trump openly mocks people who face adversity everyday of their life, simply because of how they were born. The main example being his extremely harsh impression of a reporter with a disability. If he actually met someone, say a child, with a disability, what would he do? Make fun of them to their face?

I honestly think he has some level of psychopathy because he is totally unable to empathize, which is a huge problem for a presidential candidate. How will you make any progress and actually help American citizens when you cannot understand their problems and exactly why the are problems? You won’t.

We also learned recently that he does not read. At all. I am literally incapable of trusting anyone who does not read. It’s a problem. I truly believe that the best presidents we’ve had have been avid readers, and have put in the time to study the issues and learn about our world, constantly. If we leave our country in the hands of someone who is “too busy” (read too lazy) to do the work, nothing will get done and bad decisions will be made. And it will all boil down to illiteracy and ignorance.


Donald Trump says he can “make America great again.” Personally, I think America is the best it’s ever been. We have more diversity, equality and free trade than we ever have before. We’ve continually grown to operate more under peace talks and negotiations rather than simply resorting to violence. We have lots of allies and good relationships with other countries. And yes, we have this horrible phenomenon of mass gun violence happening now. And I understand how that could be taken to mean we’re failing and in danger every minute we go outside. But in general, crime is the lowest it’s been in decades.

We can all get married, we can make decisions about what we do with our lives, what we do with our bodies. Now, more than ever, is the time when people can truly be themselves and come into their own. It’s a wonderful thing.

Trump’s idea of “making America great again,” gives a big, giant middle finger to all of this progress. He says, we’re going to keep everybody out, and the people who are here are going to go back where they came from and their going to build the wall that will keep them out of the home they have made here. He’s going to rip families apart, leaving children to fend for themselves in a country where it’s getting increasingly harder to make a living, much less do it when your a teenager, or younger. He constantly imprints his xenophobia on people who are already prone to this kind of thinking. He takes the flicker and fans it into a flame of hate, rage and violence. If he is elected, we will be looking at an increase in xenophobia and racism, which will lead to more violence: assaults, hate crimes and people essentially running hard-working, legal immigrants out of their well-earned homes. I seriously believe that if Trump is elected, all he will have to do is say the word, and we will be looking at a Nazi America. Trump has suggested everything short of concentration and work camps when speaking about other cultures. And people support him, and will support him when he does suggest it.

If that alone doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.


As far as politics go, I think both sides need to focus on some major points that I really don’t hear discussed: Mental health treatment, resources for the homeless, resources for immigrant families and refugees and a widespread campaign for acceptance in all aspects of our lives. President Barack Obama has made great strides during his presidency, and we need to continue with his momentum.

Donald Trump would take us backwards. Right now, we can’t afford to retreat into the ignorance of our past. We can’t afford to repeat history.

And those who will vote for Trump simply because they don’t agree with Hillary, I beg you to think about that for a second. I’m all for voting third party, but I think now, we must sacrifice our stubbornness and come together for a common good. We can’t afford to let our votes fall on deafened ears while Trump wins because we were too stubborn to vote for a woman who could actually do a lot of good.

So, when someone asks me if I would vote for Trump, I respond with: No, I’m not voting for Hitler.

What are your views on the current presidential race? Who will you vote for and why? Let’s talk.



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