Reviewing: Suicide Squad


First off, it should be said that while I think it’s essentially sacrilegeous to judge a story based solely on its movie, I have not transferred this preference to comic books … yet.

I’m working on it.

Therefore, the only things I know about any superhero stories are what I get from the movies and what my boyfriend fills me in on when I inevitably ask all the questions. That being said, I have very mixed feelings about Suicide Squad.

To begin, I was so excited for this movie when I first saw the trailers. Like clapping-my-hands-and-wriggling-in-my seat excited. I loved the concept of all these villains getting together to save the world. I was excited to see all these actors and actresses come together and hear the characters’ back stories. It looked like it was going to be super dark, which I loved.

So, we went to see it this past weekend.

*Potential spoilers ahead.

Here’s the thing: the acting was good. But the writing and directing were awful. I really wanted to disagree with the bad reviews I read, and I do in some cases. But, yeah, it was bad.

Suicide Squad begins with an introduction to all the villains that will make up this secret task force, to be initiated in case of a superhuman terrorist. This part of the movie showed us the characters as if they were collectible baseball cards, against a backdrop of incessant music. Like seriously, the music never stopped. It was interesting seeing the backstories and how they were captured, although I think they moved way too fast on some parts that would’ve helped get the viewer more invested in the characters.

Like the way Harley Quinn and the Joker get together – I was very confused. And I wish we could have seen Flag and June’s relationship actually develop, rather than just being told about it. The only character they really developed emotion for, for me, was Deadshot. I mean, yes, we see Harley and Joker interact, but we don’t really get to see how his mind games kept working on her until she was really changed. It just seemed like she was normal one minute and crazy the next.

However, Margot Robbie was absolutely killer as Harley (pun intended.) She really fit into her character and captured her personality — the crazy, the desperate, the vulnerable, and especially the badass — and performed each of them perfectly. Likewise, Will Smith did a fantastic job as Deadshot, although it’s a bit hard for me to picture him at the same level of bad as the others. I really loved the other villains too – especially Diablo.

And then there’s Jared Leto’s Joker. This could take up a whole other post, but let’s get straight to it: there will never be another Joker like Heath Ledger. Period. That being said, I think he definitely looked the part, although I don’t particularly care for this modernized version. But his character seemed to be more like of a thwarted child than a psychopathic, criminal mastermind. I mean, he was psychopathic, but not in the right way. The bottom line is that it was obvious Leto was trying too hard to live up to the legend that is The Joker.

I would have to read up more on the comics, but I was very surprised by Amanda Waller’s whole unforgiving, unfeeling nature. I wanted to love her, but she was a bit harsh for me, especially when her whole bit is saving the world, and then she kills innocents who helped with the task force’s mission.

The whole storyline about the Enchantress seemed a bit strange. Here we have a woman and her brother with unlimited magical powers and you’re sending in some people with guns and swords, and a girl with a baseball bat? It all came together, it just seemed off to me. But, if that is how it’s written, who am I to judge?

And it really annoyed me that they were thrown back into their prison at the end. But, I’m still intrigued as to where it will go next with how the movie ended. And also, I vote no on Ben Affleck as Batman. Come on guys, really.

Overall, I’d give this movie two stars. The acting was top-notch and it was definitely entertaining. But I wanted an actually good story among all the fight scenes and random musical interludes.

What did you think of Suicide Squad? What did you enjoy and what did you hate? How do you think the story will continue? Let’s talk.



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