And… We’re Back


After a brief hiatus due to personal issues and the holiday chaos, Pleasantry will return to it’s normally scheduled programming tomorrow!

This year, I will follow the same format of posting. Art Talk will continue on Wednesdays and will cycle through a continuing survey of art history as well as discussions of new and emerging artists and movements in the contemporary art world. If you would like to suggest an artist or a movement to be discussed, feel free to do so here.

Badass Women will continue on Saturdays and will highlight a host of women, both past and present, that have contributed to making the world a better place with their hard work and uniquely feminine determination.

I will continue to publish reviews of books, movies, TV, podcasts and events, as well as musings on pop culture and social happenings.

If you would like to recommend a piece of media to be considered for review, please do so here.

You can follow me on her social media sites here: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads.

Thank you for your patience and here’s to another year full of wonderful people creating wonderful things.



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