The Blog

On Pleasantry, you will find reviews of books, movies, TV shows, events, exhibits and more. You will also find things like stream-of-consciousness posts about current events, rants about politics, and some personal stories as they relate to specific topics.

There will also be some special vlogs, as well as Q&As, graphics and other fun stuff.

Every Wednesday, you will find posts about art, both historical and contemporary. We will talk about different eras of art history and compare them with their contemporary counterparts. We will also share up and coming artists and their work.

The main focus of this blog is to create a discussion about, not only pop culture, but its place in today’s world, and the state of our world in general.

This blog as a way to help us analyze and process things, but in order for it to be effective, I need you to join in. Comment or send me messages and let me know your thoughts on the subjects discussed. And if there’s something you think I should know about, send it along.

The Blogger

Mackenzie is a feminist with too many opinions, too many emotions and too much of an addiction to several things. These addictions include, but are not limited to:

  • The printed word (the most important one being books)
  • Coffee (with French Vanilla creamer)
  • Art and conversations about art (including all types from all eras, even the weird stuff that deals with body fluids)
  • Rich food that is not healthy for you (and also Pho)
  • Simple clothing
  • Music (including all types and in all forms… mostly)
  • Old black-and-white movies from the 1940s (Cary Grant = swoon)
  • Writing (whether I’m good at it or not)

Mackenzie is a 20-something, millenial who has been described as a hipster on more than one occasion. This is mostly because she has hipster-ish glasses, listens to slightly obscure music and likes things such as vinyl and typewriters and film cameras and independent coffee shops.

She would rather spend her Friday night at an art fair or gallery rather than seeing how many “Naughty Girl Scout” shots she can do in a minute. Although she does imbibe often.

She is pro-choice and is body positive, and this is as much as she will say in a political capacity. For now.

Mackenzie lives with her wonderful husband their rambunctious mutt-puppy. They live in a city that has often been described as the new Los Angeles (and most people blame this on a green plant.)

Mackenzie hopes to do many things in life and is trying to figure out where to begin. These things include:

  • Write and publish both a fictional novel and a non-fictional book
  • Create a Youtube channel
  • Attend culinary school (even if it is at 40, like Julia Child)
  • Open a business that will combine all of her passions into one amazing place

She is ambitious and anxious and impatient and passionate.

She works as an editor at an international art magazine.

Find her on Tumblr here, Twitter here, on Instagram here, and on Goodreads here.

If you are interested in her professional work, you can find her portfolio here.